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In 1830 Shapley Prince Ross, son of Shapley Ross, the builder of the home, married Catherine Fulkerson of St. Charles County and in 1839 left Missouri for the frontier in Texas where he became a Captain of the famous Texas Rangers. 

His son, Lawrence Sullivan Ross, obtained rank of Brigadier General of the 6th Texas Cavalry during the Civil War, served two terms as the Governor of Texas (1886-91), and was then to be appointed president of Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College (Texas A & M).

Dining Chamber

c. 1820

Shapley Ross House

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  • The Shapley Ross House is without the following modern conveniences:  TV, DVD, Radio, Internet and Wi-Fi.

  • Cell phone reception in the house is poor and is best in the kitchen area.  Across the street, the small restaurant can supply cell phone and internet reception.

  • The 1880s addition kitchen is modern and is fully equipped including: Double Sink, Refrigerator, Electric Stove, Microwave, Coffee Maker, and a Washer and Dryer.

  • Total of persons that can be accommodated in antique beds: Twelve.  Beds in the historic part of the home can accommodate up to 10 people in shared beds.  There is a modern bedchamber above the kitchen which is furnished with a beautiful antique bedroom set.  The bed is a full bed and can accommodate an extra 2 people.

  • There is a modern bathroom above the kitchen and includes a commode, sink, and bath with a shower.

  • There is a double outhouse that can be utilized if you desire.

  • You may use the dining chamber's fireplace or the outside firepit to hearth cook.  If you choose not to hearth cook your breakfast in the morning, the refrigerator will hold a continental breakfast for your enjoyment.

  • Alcoholic beverages allowed in moderation.  Intoxication is prohibited.

  • Smoking in the house and pets are not allowed, service dogs are welcome.

  • Children must be 16 or above.

  • The person making a reservation and checking in must be 21 years of age.

  • Check in is between 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm.  Check out is by 2:00 pm.

  • We accept as payment:  Cash, Credit Cards. PayPal and Money Orders. We regret that we are unable to accept personal checks.

  • A one-night's deposit is required to make your reservation and is non-refundable.


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The Shapley Ross House, c.1820, was built by Virginia native, Shapley Ross, founder of Moscow Mills, Missouri. Shapley was the wealthiest man in Lincoln County and was recorded in the tax records owning two mills, over 1000 acres of land and 25 slaves. The house is a two story residence constructed of native limestone and is a rare example of fine stonework masonry and Georgian-styled  architecture. 

The ten foot ceilings, eighteen inch stone walls, and "nine over nine" windows enclose two twenty-two by twenty-four foot rooms on each floor (making a total of 4 rooms), separated by a wide central hallway graced by the original staircase with a delicate walnut handrail.  Ornamental scroll-work adorns the side of the staircase risers. There are three additional 'modern' rooms in the back wing.

There are four fireplaces, all in working condition; three of which retain their original carved mantels.  The mantels showcase some of the best Robert Adams styling west of the Mississippi River including sunburst medallions, fluted pilasters and cornices.  The chimneys at each end of the home measure 84 x 58 inches.  The hand-carved woodwork and six panel doors, the random width floor boards, and the linen press closets throughout the house are original and also adorned with Adamesque motifs. 

The Shapley Ross House sits on its original location which is now the center of the small village of Moscow Mills, and sits near the street as it did in 1820; however, the side and back lawns spaciously encompass 3 city lots. A lumber yard sits directly across from the side of the home and a small restaurant sits diagonally from the house; therefore, during the day there is some 'modern' noise and auto intrusions.  We strive to make it our goal to create for you, as much as possible, an historic atmosphere and a positive and enriching experience in spite of these modern interferences.

The house has two very large bed chambers with a total of six beds; each has two antique full beds and one antique twin bed complete with feather mattresses! The home does not have central heat nor is it air conditioned, just as it was in the 19th century.  The home's windows open for ventilation, the lawn is graced with some large shade trees and if the weather is sultry we provide electric fans and window air conditioners for your comfort at night; if chilly, then the four original fireplace may be used as well as space heaters, if necessary. 

Bed Chambers

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